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Worst Landlord ever?

Ah yes its #Followfriday again, we thought it would never get here! Ever thought you had the worst landlord ever? I think this landlord takes the biscuit. People usually expect the usual NO loud music, or parties or drugs line but imagine having to abide by these rules?

No pork?

And no visitors?

And any personal items left in communal areas will be thrown away?

Now that’s just plain inhospitable! The list included 31 instructions, yes 31! The list includes having to approve visitors two weeks in advance and if approved they can’t stay over

You can see all the demands below.

Got a landlord horror story? Please share it with us below

So that’s our weird and whacky news for the day. Enjoy the weekend from the 4pm team!

Lanlord 1

Lanlord 2

Lanlord 3

Lanlord last

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