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WP Advert Services

Old Plugin + Theme + WordPress

  • Various database functionality was hardcoded inside WordPress, making it impossible to update and to keep up-to-date with industry standards, security, and performance.
  • Various dependencies in the form of old plugins.
  • WordPress version stuck below 6.
  • MySQL version stuck below 8.
  • PHP version stuck below 7.

WP Advert Services + Theme

  • WordPress 6.1+
  • MySQL 8+
  • PHP 8.1+
  • New settings system, making possible to add any configurable option (e.g., fitters, statuses, sign types, and so on).
  • Reusable blocks system to set menus, widgets, blocks in various areas of the theme.
  • Zero plugin dependency system for various features, such as user management, user login and form submission management.

Changelog (WP Advert Services)

  • Fix email deliverability
  • Update sign submission form (edit fields, add new ones or remove old ones)
  • Update administrator forms to include more agent details and to remove fitters
  • Work on replicating and fixing bugs directly with clients/agents (on the phone)
  • Client assistance on editing client details, such as email, company name, username and so on
  • Client assistance from two developers via phone, email, WhatsApp and ISL Online

Changelog (WordPress Bundle)

  • Full integration with Cloudflare for increased security, caching, performance, malware protection, and DNS management (24 hours + DNS propagation waiting time)
  • Full integration with SendGrid for better email deliverability and email logging (switched from non-working Gmail SMTP) (2 hours)
  • Update PHP to 7+ (from 5.x) (16 hours)
  • Update MySQL to 8+ (from 5.x) (1 hour)
  • Remove all unneeded plugins (and recode any required functionality) (16 hours)
  • Remove all hardcoded WordPress functionality, so WordPress can be updated to 5+ (from 4.x) (16 hours)

Note that all man-hours include testing, bug fixing and sometimes, due to no existing documentation, trial-and-error.

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