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WP Property Drive: Getting Started

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WP Property Drive – A full-featured property management plugin

WP Property Drive – Developer Resources

🎁 Changelog

πŸ“™ Code Reference

Looking for documentation for the codebase?

  • Template Functions – Property template functions
  • Functions – Generic functions

πŸ“™ Common APIs

Interested in interacting with various APIs, hooks & filters?

This handbook serves as a clearinghouse for documentation on all APIs present within the WP Property Drive plugin as well as APIs available from the 4Property ecosystem.

πŸ“™ Tutorials, How-To’s & Shortcodes

Design & Development Best Practices

  1. Plugin feature updates are released every Tuesday (Patch Tuesday).
  2. Plugin bug fixes are released immediately (as they are fixed) on a per-site basis.

Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday is the colloquial term for 4Property’s update Tuesday. That is when 4Property rolls out patch updates to improve security and functionality or to add new features and enhancements to the WP Property Drive plugin, Supernova theme and related applications.

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