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Optimise Your Online Presence in 4 Steps

Optimise your online presence in 4 steps

Here, at 4Property, we have put together four simple steps for you to optimise your online presence. So get reading!

Step 1: Get a domain address for your business

The first step in building an online presence is obtaining a domain name. Getting a domain name for your business puts you ahead of others who don’t have one. It’s also very important that you get an email address with your domain in it. Most business’s have email addresses which don’t reflect their business.

A professional email address means that potential customers will take you seriously from day one. It also reflects on you and how seriously you take your business. Which email utters professionalism in your opinion, or  Although it may seem petty, first impressions do count.

Step 2: Get a professional website

The next step now would be to establish a stronger online presence, by setting up a professional website. Have you ever wanted to Google a business, be it a restaurant you hoped to visit or a company you were looking to buy a product from and not found their website?

I know if I can’t find a website I move on and look for another, so, instantly, the company has lost my custom, simply by not having a website. Small businesses usually make the mistake of choosing the cheapest option, be it getting a friend to design it or choosing a cheap online package. Although website packages may be a good option it’s important to analyse your business and decide exactly what you want your website to do for you.

If you are a company that needs to constantly update your website, for example a restaurant will constantly have to update their website with special offers, menu changes etc. or an auctioneers will need to update their website with new properties, properties sold etc. Therefore, you may need a content management system where you will have the ability to edit your website’s content whenever you please. Remember, your website reflects you and your business, so it is important for it to be professional and up to date.

Hint 😉 We can help!

Step 3: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

So, after investing in a new website, it is important that you promote it wisely.

Why invest in a website that people can’t find or aren’t aware of? People now resort to search engines almost immediately when looking for anything, making search engines one of the most powerful distribution channels and one of the most successful tools for driving traffic to your website.

Step 4: Embrace Social Media

In the past, Facebook and Twitter were only used to connect with friends and family. But now they have become a strong marketing tool for many businesses, along with LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. These social media platforms offer businesses the opportunity to market themselves and receive feedback at the same time. Businesses can use these social media platforms to advertise their special offers, competitions, receive feedback, interact with their customers by replying to queries etc.

We can evaluate your business and its online presence and make a plan that suits your business.

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash.


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