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“Tell me what to do” – Office’s new web feature! 187 views

Microsoft has added a new feature to its Office Web Apps in order to take some of the legwork out… Read More

Amazon’s Latest Idea: Shipping your goods, before you know you want them! 169 views

Amazon knows what you want. So well in fact, that they intend to start shipping before you even place your… Read More

Windows XP Draws to a Close – Less than 3 months to go! 223 views

After being usable for 12 years, the Windows XP operating system is finally nearing its end. In roughly 84 days,… Read More

The Galaxy S5, due for launch in April; with the possibility of Iris Scan Technology 225 views

Samsung’s flagship product for its next generation of Android phone is set to be far more discernible than its predecessors.… Read More

Volvo to release 100 Autonomous “Self-Driving” cars into Gothenburg, Sweden 228 views

Despite Google’s self-driving car consuming most of the headlines, several different car manufacturers are also working to create their own… Read More

Self-Twitterising 176 views

Twitter has opened its self-serve advertising platform for small and medium-sized businesses in the UK, Ireland and Canada. Twitter advertising… Read More

Apple and Samsung move forward in the war against Smart Phone Theft 167 views

The theft of iPhones has now been coined as “Apple Picking”. However, Apple and Samsung are now taking extra measures… Read More

4pm and Acquaint: Keeping you in the Loop! 188 views

Take Control of your inbox! With the introduction of the government’s Help to Buy scheme and anticipation of all those… Read More

Implementing Postcodes in Ireland 286 views

The Irish Government has claimed that Ireland will be the first country in the world to have a public database… Read More

Property experts hope Noonan keeps momentum 165 views

Property experts hope Noonan keeps momentum Irish property and construction experts are hoping that Minister for Finance,  Michael Noonan will produce… Read More

New acer Chromebook, the C720 can launch in under seven seconds 169 views

Acer has launched a new Chromebook laptop which holds eight and a half hours of battery life and the ability… Read More

iPhone 5S, 5C to be released in several more countries the 25th if October 201 views

The two phones will spread beyond the 11 countries and regions where they’re currently available to the likes of Italy,… Read More

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